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Talking about the versatility of elevator parts

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Talking about the versatility of elevator parts

Date of release:2018-12-11 Author:Jiangsu FeiNai Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

With the continuous development of China's national economy and the continuous improvement of people's material level, the real estate industry is growing and growing. Elevators are also growing as the main means of transportation in buildings. The elevators produced by our elevator manufacturers are more and more The more diversified, the more and more the types of elevator components are becoming more and more complicated; this is more and more troublesome for us to use the maintenance elevators on a daily basis. Elevators are classified into passenger elevators, cargo elevators, hospital elevators, service elevators (mutilate ladders), sightseeing elevators, vehicle elevators, ship elevators, building construction elevators, etc. according to their use. In such a variety of classified elevators, the versatility of elevator components is very practical in practical design. For example, the elevator car wall is composed of a number of wall panels of different widths but the same height, and the wall width of our elevator manufacturer is several fixed-size panels, and the panels beyond these dimensions are It must be handled non-standard, so the versatility of the siding is very useful in actual design and production.

The most used in our lives is the traction elevator, which is mainly composed of eight systems: traction system, guiding system, door system, car, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system and safety protection system. . The traction system of the elevator is mainly composed of a traction machine, a traction wire rope, a guide wheel and a reverse rope wheel. In the initial design of the elevator, the dimensions of the traction wire rope, the guide wheel and the reverse rope wheel are all required in the national standard, so their specifications are fixed in several values, so when the engineering feedback or the elevator components are damaged, We can find out the replacement parts in our spare parts library right away.

The door system of the elevator is composed of a car door, a landing door, a door opening machine, a linkage mechanism, and a door lock. We use the same set of door systems for doors of different widths. In addition, the more common one is the safety protection device for the door entrance. The common ones are contact protection devices and non-contact protection devices. Each elevator manufacturer has its own standard configuration, but in this standard configuration, some different ladder types Parts are actually mutually versatile. For example, a machine room-less elevator requires a safety window. An elevator manufacturer has two different elevators, but the safety windows of the two elevators are of the same specification. The common components between different ladder types in the elevator are: safety devices such as speed limiters and safety gears, compensation devices such as compensation chains and compensation ropes, common electrical control systems, variable frequency speed control systems for elevators, and brackets in the hoistway. Wait.

The versatility of elevator components is especially important in the daily maintenance of our elevators. When our maintenance staff traveled through the high-rise buildings in the summer, the various elevators inside were running at high speed. When an elevator suddenly appears in a situation, our maintenance personnel must immediately find out where the fault is and analyze the cause of the failure. When a component in a faulty elevator is damaged, it is preferable to have a component of the same type as the damaged component in the zone in which the security guard is located.


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