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Elevator parts manufacturers tell the four major points and three links of the elevator

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Elevator parts manufacturers tell the four major points and three links of the elevator

Date of release:2018-12-14 Author:Jiangsu FeiNai Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

Many friends don't know where to start when picking up passenger elevators. Looking through some keyword data of Baidu search, netizens ask questions about elevator price, configuration, and selection. In fact, elevators and cars, computers and other goods are also consistent, that is, "demand determines the configuration, configuration determines the price." Here, elevator parts manufacturers have a few questions about the issues we should pay attention to when purchasing elevators.

First, determine the ladder type because the use of office buildings, hospitals, houses, factories, the choice of ladder type, configuration, function is often very different, but also according to the building area, floor, personnel flow, elevator preset in the building The passenger flow is analyzed by factors such as location, and the elevator speed, load, and number of elevators are determined.

Second, the passenger elevator specifications standard General elevators are sold in a way that is ordered for production, and will be customized according to customer specific requirements. However, in the configuration of the hall, car door, car size and elevator specifications, standard products are used as much as possible, because the standard size is manufactured uniformly and the cost is relatively low.

Third, the passenger elevator civil map knows the elevator type, load, speed, number of stations, stop, and travel height, you can entrust the architectural design department to design the blueprint. At this time, the design department will draw the civil engineering drawings of the elevators of the same type provided by professional elevator manufacturers, and combine the elevator shafts of different buildings.

Fourth, the passenger elevator brand selection When selecting the elevator brand, it is necessary to take time to review and inspect the manufacturer; require the manufacturer to show the business license, elevator manufacturing license, installation and renovation maintenance permit, corporate honor and bank credit and other relevant documents In-depth understanding of pre-sales and after-sales service commitments, warranty time, understanding of the required product status and performance, such as: the highest lift height of the elevator, the maximum number of stops, special tools for maintenance, vulnerable spare parts, delivery cycle, manufacturers The production volume of this kind of products, the implementation of elevator functions, and the amount of use in the market can all be included in the investigation.


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