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Elevator decoration and decoration design attention matters

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Elevator decoration and decoration design attention matters

Date of release:2018-12-15 Author:Jiangsu FeiNai Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

Elevator decoration and decoration design attention matters

Elevators are divided into passenger elevators, cargo elevators, hospital elevators, miscellaneous elevators, home elevators, passenger and freight elevators, special elevators, etc. The cargo elevator and the groceries elevator generally use steel plate spray on the decoration and decoration of the car and the hall car door, and the light can be bright. Bed elevators and home elevators are generally sprayed with stainless steel or steel plates. The color should be soft, and the ceiling design should not be cumbersome. The white organic light-emitting panel is used for soft light design. The overall effect should be simple and clear, and adjust everyone's mood and mood.

When designing the elevator decoration and decoration, first think about the use of the elevator, and then consider the selection, processing and installation of the elevator decoration and decoration materials with reference to the decoration and decoration style of the building.

1 passenger elevator

Passenger elevators are elevators designed to transport passengers. They are important for hotels, restaurants, large commercial stores and other places with high traffic. Therefore, a combination of a variety of materials and colors is used. The interior of the decorative materials, the line and the shape are extremely versatile. The emphasis is on each nuance, the performance is noble and serene, luxurious, elegant, safe and comfortable. Take the space and give people a sense of heart and soul. And the use of different color temperature differences and different light source treatment, can be dim yellow and warm, can be bright and light, showing different elevator decoration and decoration style, to build a perfect atmosphere suitable for all kinds of environmental requirements.

2 bed elevator decoration

The bed elevator must be able to prevent erosion when selecting the materials for decorating the car. Since there are many patients in the medical elevator, the car interior is often disinfected. Car inner wall, floor, ceiling,

Handrails and the like are exposed to a portion of the chemical, so materials that are resistant to erosion are required to decorate the interior of the car. Secondly, it is necessary to make appropriate anti-collision buffer treatment for the door door cover and the front wall of the car, so as to protect the door door cover and the front wall of the car, and to reduce the impact when colliding and protect the patient on the bed. In addition, the decoration of the car can not make the patient feel cold and fear, and can show a warm and comfortable feeling, so that the patient can temporarily forget or reduce the physical pain.

3 home elevator decoration

Home improvement elevators are more concerned with the decoration and decoration of people who are not suitable for different ages and different cultural qualities. Children in the car may collide with the armrest or the car wall; the elderly may encounter difficulties in operating the selection due to poor eyes; people with low quality may smoke in the car and cause fire; the drunk may be The car, the hall door and the control panel were destroyed.

In addition, home elevators may be hit by furniture and bicycles. Therefore, when decorating and decorating the home ladder, the car wall decoration should consider some materials that can be buffered, but it cannot be decorated with easy-to-burn materials such as wood. The button and floor indicator of the steering wheel in the car should be sized and selected for more eye-catching colors, while thinking about their high degree of anti-destructiveness and safety after being destroyed.

4 villa elevator decoration

The decoration and decoration of the villa elevator is more personalized, which can fully express the owner's personal interests, aesthetic views, professional scope and other characteristics. The decoration in the car should complement the whole home. The door decoration is the same as the door decoration for the family room decoration. The color matching and appearance layout can be combined in the overall family room decoration effect. It makes people feel the fresh and bright time.


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