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Elevator decoration and decoration construction plan

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Elevator decoration and decoration construction plan

Date of release:2018-12-14 Author:Jiangsu FeiNai Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

Elevator decoration and decoration construction plan

1. Construction preparation

Familiar with and review drawings: According to the documents and related materials provided by the construction unit, equipped with the necessary standard atlas, specifications and procedures, organize relevant personnel to be familiar with the drawings, ask questions, participate in the drawing review organized by the construction unit, and make a good record of the meeting.

Investigation and analysis of the original data: Provide a basis for the construction organization design by surveying the weather, the surrounding conditions of the area, and the supply status of the building materials market.

Prepare the construction drawing budget and construction budget: Calculate the engineering quantity according to the construction drawings, list the main types of work, labor, main materials and main construction machinery requirements in each construction stage, and provide the basis for the preparation of the project schedule.

Make technical and safety cross-border work separately, implement layer-by-layer disclosure, and file the documents at the end.

2. Materials and labor organization preparation

According to the scale of the project, structural characteristics and complexity, follow the principle of rational division of labor and close cooperation, and organize high efficiency.

Construction organization team.

Do a good job in employee admission education. According to the start date and labor demand plan, organize workers to enter the market in batches, arrange the life of employees, conduct safety, fire prevention, civilized construction and law-abiding education, so that employees strictly abide by the superiors. Various rules and regulations. Choose a full-size supplier, organize a good supply, and turn off good materials.

3. Construction organization

Our company's engineering project level implements the project manager responsibility system, with the project manager as the main project manager, responsible for the command and management of the project, the implementation of various national norms, procedures, standards and the project organization design, quality and quantity completed construction Contracting tasks. The other management personnel involved in the construction of this project are also the backbone of our company. The division of duties of the project management personnel is clear and coordinated. Under the leadership of the project manager, the project department is fully responsible for on-site construction, technology, quality, safety and accounting. Waiting for work, and according to the operation plan and construction budget, the labor, materials and equipment needs plans, unified command production, to ensure the project's construction period, quality, cost, safety and civilized construction and other control objectives and implementation of various economic and technical indicators. .

The project adopts effective measures to ensure the progress of machinery, manual arrangement, material preparation, etc., as follows:

Material management measures:

(1) After the drawing will be reviewed, organize the personnel to organize the production according to the materials specified in the tender, and complete the quality acceptance procedures.

(2) Progress requirements, and provide on-site materials supply in a planned and orderly manner.

Manpower management measures:

(1) Control the work of the labor force in and out of the field according to the construction schedule and the actual progress of the site.

(2) The on-site workers should arrange the operations to be continuous and the process overlap should be reasonable.

(3) Strengthen the education of workers' production and safety awareness, promote the importance of this project through propaganda, and propose production targets that guarantee quality, time, and efficiency.

4. Quality and safety assurance measures

Quality objectives: ensuring excellent engineering

If we can undertake this project, our company will list this project as the key project of our company, aiming at creating high-quality projects, fully mobilize the construction strength of the company and ensure the quality of construction.

Critical process control

For each process construction, technical work shall be carried out, and the three-inspection system of “self-inspection”, “special inspection” and “transfer inspection” shall be adhered to, and the construction quality of the previous process shall not meet the excellent standards, and the next process shall not be constructed. In principle, if there is a common quality problem in the handover procedure, the project manager must trace the handover personnel. If the project manager does not trace the responsibility, the branch immediately traces the responsibility of the project manager.

Promote model system

Actively carry out model road introduction, improve the primary development rate of the project, improve the overall quality level, and create a high-quality project that the construction unit is satisfied with. The sub-projects of on-site construction pass the sample plate, and the “model” jointly confirmed by the design, construction and construction units is used as the standard and basis for large-area construction and future acceptance, reducing the blindness of construction.

5. Acceptance of the project

1) Ensure that the perception score is over 90%.

2) The elevator system is operating normally.

3) The elevator system is continuously operated for one week without scratches and no abnormal noise.

6. Party B's cooperation requirements

 Party B shall assign a special person to dock with the project manager of our company to assist in the arrangement of material transport vehicles and hoisting equipment, and assign special personnel to track the construction progress of the project to ensure that the personnel of our company can operate the protection and maintenance of the entire project after retreating.


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