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What problems may exist in the use of elevator components?

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What problems may exist in the use of elevator components?

Date of release:2018-12-14 Author:Jiangsu FeiNai Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

What problems may exist in the use of elevator components?

Question 1: Some passengers choose the type of elevators, and the equipment lacks a small number of development and construction units to seek excessive profit maximization. With the price as the standard, the elevators with low grades are selected, and the elevators are equipped according to the minimum limit, resulting in low grades of elevator equipment and lack of quantity. Frequent, frequent problems.

Question 2: Some residential passenger elevators are difficult to implement. The residential quarters (residential buildings) of the residents are not allowed to be hired by the owners. It is difficult for the owners to perform the duties of the main body, and the elevator application and protection are not in place. More problems. Although some districts have property management units, their sense of responsibility is weak, and the handling of elevators has been carried out. The relevant personnel handling procedures such as unpaid personnel duty have not been urged, and the maintenance units have not been urged to do well in maintenance operations. Not working.

Question 3: Some residential passenger elevator maintenance repairs and renovations are difficult to implement. Some communities in the city that implement specialized property services have a low service fee and low charging rate. It is difficult to satisfy the needs of elevators for protection and maintenance. If the collection of property fees is not ambivalent, or the elevators are used for a long period of time, the cost of replacement and repair of spare parts will increase, and it will be stretched. In order to obtain more profit, some property companies are lacking in the operation and protection of the elevators, saving the provinces and causing safety hazards to the elevators. Some old residences do not have special repair funds, and the cost of elevator renovation and renovation is difficult. Although some residences have special repair funds, because the balance is lacking or the opinions of the owners are difficult to agree or even contradict, the access is difficult, and the elevator cannot be repaired in time.

Question 4: Elevator emergency rescue capability, system construction still needs to be strengthened. Some elevator application units do not have emergency rescue capability. The lack of professional training personnel, the rescue completely relies on elevator protection and maintenance units and public security fire, can not be rescued in the first time. The information on the elevators is scattered, lacking a consistent and harmonious command, and the rescue power is not high, and the data cannot be collected. In addition, the characteristics of the mantle and the traffic conditions of the three towns in Wuhan have affected the speed and power of the rescue.

Question 5: There are many unsafe rides. Some riders do not go through civilized ladders, and even damage the elevators. If they are overloaded, they will force them to squeeze in, overtime to open the door, etc., forcibly knocking and kicking the door. The safety awareness is not strong, and it is impossible to know the danger of the elevator, such as jumping on the elevator, making troubles, etc.; safety knowledge is not enough, lack of self-protection ability, if you are in an emergency, you don’t know how to deal with it, you don’t know how to use the rescue phone, Emergency stop switch, etc.


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