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Elevator parts manufacturers introduce the maintenance work of the elevator traction machine

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Elevator parts manufacturers introduce the maintenance work of the elevator traction machine

Date of release:2018-12-15 Author:Jiangsu FeiNai Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

There must be a sufficient amount of gear oil in the reducer tank. The oil quality should be kept pure. The oil temperature should not exceed 60 °C. The first refueling test should be cleaned and re-changed once every six months. The following elevator parts manufacturers will give you a brief introduction to the maintenance work of the traction machine:

Refueling steps: 1 Open the lid with a flat-blade screwdriver, inject kerosene, thoroughly clean the inside of the box, and then put the kerosene into the ready container. 2 Inject a certain amount of gear oil into the bit line of the oil window. The rolling bearing on the car frame of the worm gear reducer uses a calcium-based lubricating oil.

Check if the fastening bolt of the traction machine base is loose. If it is not loose, it should be tightened in time. When the reducer is in normal operation, measure the bearing temperature. If the bearing produces a high temperature exceeding 80 °C, check the bearing for wear. The exchange of the bearing should be considered. When checking the meshing and bearing condition of the worm gear and the worm of the reducer, if the speed reducer must be disassembled, the car should be placed at the top of the hoistway and must be hung with a wire rope, and then the counterweight is supported in the pit. Remove the traction wire on the traction sheave and drain the lubricant from the reducer and wash it with kerosene.

When the reducer is used for a long time, the wear of the teeth gradually increases. When the backlash between the teeth exceeds 1 mm, and the impact of the violent impact during the work is expected, the worm gear and the worm should be considered. After using the traction machine for a period of time, if it is re-run, pay attention to whether there is gear oil in the bearing of the worm bearing and the main shaft, and check if there is less oil after starting a small amount of oil at the start. The worm gear shaft should pay attention to rust prevention, especially the shoulder R must not rust, in order to prevent the internal stress concentration and damage the worm shaft. Check that the motor axis is in a horizontal line with the worm axis.


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