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Elevator parts escalator chain lubrication

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Elevator parts escalator chain lubrication

Date of release:2018-12-15 Author:Jiangsu FeiNai Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Click:

Elevator parts escalator chain lubrication

1 Traditional lubrication method

The lubrication of the escalator chain, manual lubrication device and automatic lubrication device, all adopt the traditional oil supply method-drip method and spray method, which plays a certain role in improving the running performance and extending the service life of the escalator, but the relative efficiency is lower and the fuel consumption is lower. Big.

Experiments have shown that there are always links that are not lubricated by the drip lubrication method, and that the chain stretching and breaking occur from the links that are not lubricated. And this method wastes about 30 to 70% of the lubricating oil. The spray method pollutes the surrounding environment due to splashing of oil mist, and the waste of oil is as high as 60% or more. In addition, the oil is foggy, and in the case of high heat and high speed chains, the oil has vaporized before it drops to the lubrication point, and the lubrication purpose is hardly achieved.

2 linear lubrication method

To properly and effectively lubricate the chain, let us first look at the structure of the chain. Figure 1 (click) is the most used sleeve roller chain structure. The stretching and breaking of the chain is mainly caused by the wear between the pin and the sleeve. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate the oil between the outer chain plate and the inner chain plate. And the oil is large enough to make it fully lubricated, while also cooling the links, reducing noise and cushioning. Linear lubrication can meet this requirement. The traditional lubrication method only supplies oil to the roller, only reduces the friction between the chain and the sprocket, and reduces the stretching and prevents the fracture, which does not have much effect.

The linear lubrication method refers to the lubrication method of lubricating oil flowing to the lubricated part of the lubricated part with a very fine oil flow of 0.3-0.8mm. See Figure 2 (please click), and the orientation is good. Even for chain links that move or rotate at high speeds, they can be injected completely accurately, making them fully lubricated. Each nozzle has an injection volume of about 8 to 12 ml per minute, which is larger than the flow rate per minute of the conventional lubrication method. Due to the continuous injection, the chain of each moving or rotating chain can be sufficiently lubricated once. Therefore, each time the oil supply time is controlled within one chain of the chain, it is much shorter than the traditional lubrication method. The advantages of linear lubrication are: short time, low fuel consumption and good lubrication.

3 Conditions for achieving linear lubrication

(1) Generally based on automatic (electric) fueling devices, a set of pressure-resistant piping systems is required;

(2) It has an oil pump capable of outputting a large oil pressure, and the pressure is about 10 to 40 kgf/cm2. Under a large oil pressure, the nozzle can inject a linear oil passage;

(3) A linear lubrication nozzle having a structure different from that of a general drip type or spray type nozzle;

(4) Reasonably place the position between the nozzle and the lubricated part so that the line is not sprayed before it is sprayed to the lubrication.


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