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Judging fault according to elevator failure phenomenon

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Judging fault according to elevator failure phenomenon

Date of release:2019-02-19 Author:Jiangsu FeiNai Science & Technology Co. Ltd Click:

For example: an elevator displays the fault code, the code means "host over current", and the elevator protects the crash. This fault code can not directly explain the fault point, but only gives a "mainframe current too large" maintenance direction. The maintenance personnel need to judge whether the current detecting equipment is broken, the main engine is overloaded, the guide rail is poorly lubricated, or there is a strong current. Shock.

Here are some common symptoms:

1. The elevator stops at a certain floor and does not close the door.

Check the elevator light curtain, safety touch panel, door hanger or sill for foreign object jam, door machine, door controller, switch door button, and fire switch.

2, the elevator can go slowly, the express does not run

Check the leveling sensor, main unit encoder, deceleration switch, and weighing device.

3, the elevator fast and slow cars can not run

Detect power supply, safety circuit, door lock circuit, and brake circuit.

4, the elevator runs an emergency stop, and then automatically resumes

Check the gap between the doorknob and the gateball. It may be because the clearance is too small. The car shakes and touches the gateball, causing the elevator to stop suddenly, or the shoe lining is too worn and the gap is moved.

5, the elevator runs up and down, the comfort is not good

Check the traction wheel groove wear, wire rope tension, main unit cushion, and stud bolt.

6, elevator running dead, brake failure or overcurrent fault

Check the brake lock clearance, whether the shaft pin is well lubricated, and whether the electromagnet is working properly.

Summary: The elevator is a complete operating system. The mechanical and electrical interactions of the electromechanical equipment should be considered from the operation of the whole machine when dealing with faults, and cannot be handled simply from a certain component.

The above is some elevator knowledge introduced by the elevator car decoration company, I hope to help everyone!

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